Tranquility after Rouen – Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny

Monet's lily pad pondI woke up this morning with hardly a hangover. Thank goodness for that because there aren’t that many trains that run on Sunday. I hopped on the SCNF train and made my way to the town of Giverny where Claude Monet’s house and garden are located. Oh my goodness – it is absolutely beautiful!!! The air literally smells like perfume when the wind blows because of all the flowers that are in the garden. I could have easily spent the entire day there! Lucky for me, coming from the town of Rouen (and not Paris), I was able to avoid the crowds because I arrived at a different time than the trains that come from the Paris direction. When my friend went last week she told me it was a total gong show with the number of tourists that were there (I can believe it). I still think that the garden’s are a great site to see despite the crowds.

I took a look at the flower gardens, the lily pond (my FAVOURITE place) and Claude Monet’s house. The two gardens combined are huge. It don’t know how many landscapers or time it takes to maintain them but they are gorgeous. (I later read up on the history and Monet had seven gardeners at one time to take care of the grounds). There are so many types of flowers and plants. I saw tulips, cherry blossoms, bamboo and countless others. I could have easily just have sat on a bench, enjoyed the gardens and watch time pass by. The garden’s also have livestock (chickens, turkeys, etc.) so you can hear a rooster call every minute or so. Surreal!

Monet's house and gardens

Unfortunately for me, I spent so much time enjoying the gardens that I missed the 12:15pm charter bus that takes people back to the train station. Without a taxi in site, I decided to kill the extra two hours and explore the town of Giverny. The town is a tourist attraction in itself (but doesn’t feel tacky) and you can see the church and cemetery where Monet is buried, the medieval buildings and several impressionist galleries.


4 thoughts on “Tranquility after Rouen – Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny

  1. Never thought to visit Monet’s home. Will definitely have to do that if I ever visit Paris again. Hey Lise, don’t you miss Toronto?? The weather here is wonderful and being able to walk around in our beautiful downtown core, hop into a lively local bar and just people watch with a glass of beer in hand and some nachos. You just can’t beat that! NOT!!! Toronto food just bites the big one. Reading your blog is making me so envious. It’s just another world over there…

    • You should definitely visit Monet’s house the next time you’re in Paris. It’s only a 45 minute train ride away.The weather hasn’t been the greatest in Paris – it’s been unusually cold and rainy so I’m jealous that Toronto is having such nice weather. It was raining cats and dogs today so I ducked into the Louvre and spent 5 hours exploring. It is so nice on the nights when it’s open late because you don’t have the tour groups and art students come in to sketch in the sculpture gardens. *sigh* Going to the ROM is never going to be the same again.

  2. Lisa..Are you going to become a couch surfer/gourmet afficianado now? Sounds like you are having an amazing time..enjoying your blog! Not sure what to make of the drunk bunny though!!

    • Haha. Probably won’t be a couch surfer, but possibly a future gourmet, who knows? It’s been an amazing trip so far. Tomorrow I’m going to another outdoor markets – Marché Bastille. I love the food markets in Paris!

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