All foods fit – including beer (once in a while)

There are a number of beer events that take place in Toronto over the summer and with the heat we’ve been experiencing, it’s a great time for beer. There are a number of small/intimate beer garden events happening throughout the city. Both the Brewer’s Backyard (at Evergreen Brickwords) and The Stop’s Beer Garden (at Wychwood Barns) are beer gardens that are held on specific Sundays throughout the summer and fall. They feature an Ontario craft brewery each week so it’s a great way to try local beers and find out more information about them. There is no admission cost. You just buy tickets if you decide to have food or beer.

The Stop Beer Garden

Last weekend the Stop’s Beer Garden was featuring Muskoka Brewery. I discovered their Summer Weiss beer last year and it immediately became one of my favourites. I was wondering what other types of beers Muskoka Brewery offers (and I have also had some difficulty finding Summer Weiss lately) so I decided to go to the event to find out more about the kinds of beers that Muskoka Brewery offers.

Muskoka Brewery

At the the Stop’s Beer Garden they had a selection of three types of beer from Muskoka Brewery – Craft Lager, Cream Ale and Dark Ale for $5/473 mL can. These are three of the four beers that are offered year round (the fourth one being Mad Tom IPA). They also release seasonal beers each season which are available in 750 mL bottles at the Beer store (Spring Oddity, Summer Weiss, Harvest Ale and Dark Chocolate Cranberry Stout – can’t wait to try that last one which will be released in the winter).

TTC garage

It was an intimate setting located at Wychwood Barns – a converted TTC streetcar garage that is now a greenhouse, community garden and artist studio/residence space. This is a great event to go to on a laid back afternoon for a nice cold beer in an open area on a lazy Sunday. And it’s also a great way to find out more about a specific brewery that you may be interested in. The people are nice and very knowledgeable. I will definitely be heading to my local beer store to get a 2 pack of Summer Weiss. Be sure to check out The Stop’s Beer Garden website which has a schedule of the local breweries that will be featured each week.

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