My first dinner out in Paris

Red rocket salad with smoked salmon

I must say, I was very full after the demonstration at Cordon Bleu and wasn’t planning on eating anymore that day. But a friend of mine happens to be in Paris this weekend so we met up for dinner. I consulted my “Clotilde’s Edible Adventures in Paris” guidebook and found a place nearby called – Le Trumilou. It boasted traditional french cuisine at very reasonable prices and a casual atmosphere. It did not disappoint and at 16,50 euro for a 2 course dinner (red rocket salad with smoked salmon and guinnea fowl as a main) that is a steal!

Very nice, unpretentious and friendly atmosphere. In fact, the fellow I sat next to made small talk when I had to squeeze into the seat next to him – table was family style. All it took was a “Bonjour” (him) and a “Hello. Bonjour.” (me) from which he said “Ah, you speak English” (in a UK accent). Turns out him and his two buddies were from the UK, all own apartments in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd arrondissements and come by for a visit every 6 weeks or so. How lovely! Not sure if the Brits get more vacation or if they just happened to be retired (although I doubt it) but they can speak french really well. I guess that’s what frequent visits to Paris will do if you make a little bit of effort.

Okay, off to sleep so I can be alert for day 2 of Cordon Bleu where I will actually be cooking in the Cordon Bleu kitchen!

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