The little things…a fresh baked baguette

There is nothing like picking up a freshly baked baguette (still warm) from the neighbourhood bakery on the way home from a long, chilly day at Versailles. I will talk more about my day at Versailles later, but coming to home to a warm baguette, still warm to the touch with a soft crunch to the exterior and soft, warm interior – C’est manifique! And the great thing is that I bought this baguette at 7pm in the evening! The French bake their bread twice a day, once in the morning and once later on in the afternoon. Très bien! An even bigger bonus is that this baguette only cost me 1 euro! I’ve heard that eating out in Paris can be expensive, but sampling the local fare including French cheeses (Neufchâtel, Blue d’Auvergne, Compté, not to mention the crazy variety of goat cheeses that there are right now), seasonal produce such as Gariguette strawberries and freshly baked baguettes that only cost 1 euro, I’ve done pretty good on my food budget. Of note, cheese in general is cheaper out here than in Canada. I don’t know why – perhaps it’s because of supply and demand. Sadly, a lot of the cheese that they have out here aren’t available in Canada either.

Another thing I noticed is that there aren’t any Lululemon stores in France and hence, no one wearing Lululemon on the street (except for me). 🙂 Hey, I had to be comfortable during my bike ride. I didn’t notice any curious/strange looks from the Parisians though. But it is true, no one wears sweatpants in Paris.

I am going to be so sad when I go home in two days. *Le sigh* However, I’m already planning my next trip back.