Cycling in the city

It was the long weekend last weekend and what great weather we had! I was planning on going on a cycling day trip to Niagara on the Lake (Ontario’s wine country) so I rented a bike from Sweet Pete’s bike shop. I love going to this shop because it reminds me a lot of Vancouver. Friendly, easy-going and honest staff with very good quality bikes. I love the laid back feel and the fact that they have two friendly golden retrievers walking around the store. How West Coast is that?

Anyways, I ended up cycling for a good 3 hours from one end of the Toronto waterfront to the other on the first day. I hear that it’s around 20km one way but it didn’t feel like it. It only really takes about an hour to go from one end to the next (Leslie to Humber Bay) but the scenery is nice as it’s right along Lake Ontario and offers a great view of the Toronto skyline. It’s also nice to bike to a ‘destination point’. Toward the west are Humber Bay Parks East and West. Very nice parks with million great view of downtown Toronto. I would recommend that people bike East to West to enjoy a nice look out after a nice bike ride. Riding toward the east side is a lot more industrial and not as picturesque. Here are some photos that I took while riding along the Toronto waterfront.

But it doesn’t end there. I also went cycling the next day and the day after that! I explored a bike trail that runs along side the Don Valley Parkway. This is a paved cycling/pedestrian trial which is shaded by a lovely tree canopy. This trail also branches out so you can explore different parts of it. What a find in the middle of downtown Toronto! Among the concrete jungle is a recreational cycling trail that (ironically) runs alongside a highway. Ah well. I will take what I can get. Once you’re on the trail you feel engulfed by nature so you kinda forget that they highway is there. After spending 3 days of discovering the bike paths in Toronto I can say that riding in downtown Toronto (with traffic) truly sucks. Oh ya, and it’s really hard going back to the Bixi bikes. They serve their purpose, but with a real bike (like the hybrid I rented) you realize just how heavy (and slow) they are. But for getting from point A to point B they are really convenient.

I never did make it out to Niagara on the Lake that weekend. I was having too much fun exploring the bike paths of Toronto! But there are still plenty more cycling days in the summer. I will definitely be riding around Toronto a lot more and will make it out to Niagara on the Lake at least once. Now I just need to figure out if I want to keep renting bikes from Sweet Pete’s bike shop or getting the courage to ride my road bike in Toronto.

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