Easter chocolate sculptures

It’s Easter weekend in Paris which means that many chocolate shops have wonderful displays of chocolate sculptures in their store windows. Some are truly amazing and make me wonder if they taste as good as they look. Of course I decided that I would try one. The nicest ones that I’d seen were from a shop called Maison Georges Larnicol. There are a variety of sculptures to choose from and they range in price from 10 to 45 euro depending on size.

Lanicol chocolate sculptures

Le Maison du Chocolat also makes chocolate sculptures but I personally don’t find them to look as interesting as the ones by Maison Georges Larnicol. When I saw the chocolate sculptures at Maison Georges Larnicol on Thursday, I vowed to myself that I would take full advantage of the timing of it being Easter in Paris and buy my first ever chocolate sculpture from France. However, by the time I got to Maison Georges Larnicol after my Cordon Bleu classes, everything in the store was GONE!!! The store shelves were completely cleared out! It literally looked like someone had come in the middle of the night and taken everything. The store had been completely packed full of them just two days ago!

But as luck would have it, the bakery around the corner from my apartment happened to carry a few of his items and I managed to get my hands on a small Easter sculpture that consisted of a small flower pot with three eggs in it (every single part is made out of chocolate). Chocolate sculptures aren’t cheap though. My little flower pot costed 13 euro. Larger ones go for 25-35 euro and the ones at Le Maison du Chocolate start at 55 euro and go up to 590 euro. But you know what? It tastes even better than it looks!

mini chocolate sculpture

My mini flower pot chocolate sculpture. (I just ate the pink spotted egg and it was filled with caramel!)

7 thoughts on “Easter chocolate sculptures

  1. Save me one of those Eggs! I don’t care if it’s blooming by the time I get to it. Oh well…you’ve probably already gobbled them up. ; P

    • Hahaha. You’re hilarious! I still have the big egg left (it’s about the size of a Kinder surprise but tastes WAY better). Don’t worry, I will save you some. I’ve been trying to pace myself with the chocolate – there are so many famous chocolatiers here! Today, I went to Patrick Roger (highly recommended by a friend of mine).

  2. wow! that just takes chocolate to a whole-‘nother-level! i don’t think i can look at kindersurpise the same way again.

    • hahaha. The big egg is actually about the size of a kindersurprise (but it tastes way better). The chocolate over here is on a whole other level!

  3. Getting caught up on your blog over my lunch hour here. Okay I am a serious chocolate lover and I was drooling by the end of this posting

    • Hahaha. You have to come visit Paris then. My blog doesn’t do the number of chocolatiers out here justice! I’m trying to stick to the ones that are extremely high quality (but the quality in general is very good). Who knows, I might bring a box back for the office. 😉

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